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Oct. 1st, 2013 11:45 pm
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Hello, hello! Welcome to my... random blog. X'D This will be my "otaku" blog, you could say. I will post about many things related to anime, manga, art, music, etc. etc. Feel free to read through my craziness if you wish. Hahaha.
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Some people know that I am a big fan of Kalafina, along with any music that is composed by Yuki Kajiura! In fact, it was the great Kajiura-sama herself who brought together Kalafina in the first place. They were a unit created especially for singing the soundtrack for the anime movie series "Kara no Kyoukai." Luckily, Kalafina continues to sing even to this day. They didn't stop after the 7th movie completed.

Great news though! There's another movie coming out called "Kara no Kyoukai - Mirai Fukuin." Kalafina recently released a new single titled "Alleluia" (Hallelujah), which will be the ending song for the movie. The CD comes with 4 tracks and it is slightly different depending on the version you buy:

Regular Edition:

1. Alleluia
2. dolce
3. seventh heaven ~2012 Christmas LIVE ver.~
4. snow falling ~2012 Christmas LIVE ver.~

Limited Anime Edition:

1. Alleluia
2. dolce
3. fairytale ~2012 Christmas LIVE ver.~
4. Kimi ga hikari ni kaete yuku ~2012 Christmas LIVE ver.~

** limited edition comes with small illustration booklet of Kara no Kyoukai **

I caved in and listened to the sample and full tracks that were posted. I really like the "Alleluia" track! It sounds different from the past songs used for Kara no Kyoukai - a bit more cheerful and heartwarming one could say. Nonetheless, it's very catchy and I find myself liking it more after a few listens. I can't wait for my copy to arrive! I, of course, went for the limited edition version. I want the illustration booklet!! This is different from their past CD releases. Usually, the limited edition singles come with a DVD or blueray disc, which contains a music video clip of the main song of that CD. This time, it's just the booklet.

Kalafina really has come a long way. It's been over 5 years since they first formed together. I hope they'll continue to sing!

And, of course, I'm also looking forward to watching the new movie!!

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